World Cup 2018: How it will affect your health

World Cup

The ongoing World Cup 2018 is  taking place in 11 different cities throughout Russia from 14th June to 15th July. Millions of Kenyans will be following the live football matches thousands of kilometers away. In as much as this is a joyous moment filled with celebrations, this also presents you with many opportunities to come down with an illness or run into some health risks.

Here’s what you need to know to stay healthy and safe during this World Cup

1. Travelling

World Cup

Should you be travelling to Russia, make sure you get the required vaccinations for yellow fever, typhoid and hepatitis A.You will also require travel health insurance which provides an added layer of protection while you’re away from home. If you do fall ill or have an accident, this insurance will help you get home safely and avoid high cost of healthcare.

 2. Drinking

World Cup

Drink plenty of water or fresh juices instead of drinks with added sugars like alcohol and soft drinks if you do not want extra calories.

3. Eating

World Cup

Research has shown that eating while watching television;

  1.  Increases the amount of food you consume, especially for sweet, calorie-packed snacks.
  2. Lowers your metabolic rate
  3. Increases the temptation of eating subsequent meals
  4. Blocks the feeling of satisfaction

4. Overcrowding

World Cup

If you will be watching the football games in public places, avoid overcrowded places as they may not have proper ventilation especially if there are other people smoking. Remember that both active and passive smoking are hazardous to your health.

5. Accidents and Injuries

World Cup

There will be fans in attendance that get a little rowdy leading to fights which may lead to injuries.  Fans may also injure themselves in falls, stampedes and road crashes. All these occurrences may sometimes turn fatal and have happened in the past where fans have been injured or lost their lives.

 6. Noise pollution

World Cup

In highly charged matches; inevitably, there will be die- hard football fans in attendance that might get carried away: screaming, jumping up and down and cheering. This can affect your hearing.

 7. Stress

World Cup

Die-hard football fans are bound to experience extreme emotions if their favourite team is on a losing streak, they many manifest these emotions in anger or depression. Sadly, in the past die-hard football fans have committed suicide after their favourite team lost or they lost in football bets.

8. Sleep deprivation

World Cup

It’s no wonder that the games are bound to be thrilling and nerve – wrecking at some point triggering an adrenaline rush. This adrenaline will increase your heart rate, raise your temperature as well as heighten your mental focus or senses which might make you lose sleep. Insufficient sleep can lower your immunity and make you more prone to illnesses, affect your working performance and increase risks of accidents and injury, especially when operating machines or driving.

9. Strain on your eyes

World Cup

With your eyes glued on your TV for a match lasting an average of 90 minutes, you will affect your eyesight resulting in eye strain. It not only causes eye strain but also may cause, fatigue, sharp pain, headaches, and overall tiredness of the eyes.

10. Driving

World Cup

Do not drink and drive. If you need to move from one place to another, before or after the matches, use public transport or get a trusted person to take you home. Should you choose to drink, take drinks that have lower alcoholic content.

11. Back pain

World Cup

Poor posture is a major cause of back pain. Sit properly while watching the football matches to avoid muscle aches afterwards. It is advisable to stretch and move around while watching the matches.


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