Patient experience is at the heart of healthcare and we are committed to working towards unparalleled patient care and a better patient experience. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, quality care, and value throughout all stages of your medical travel journey. Review our services below and see how the process works step-by-step.


We provide you with information about your medical condition, appropriate mode of treatment, estimated costs and other relevant information to help you make an informed choice regarding your medical care. Ultimately, the power rests in your hands. You make the decision that is best for your situation, and we work to facilitate the next steps based upon your selection.


We’ll help with all logistics, including helping you apply for a visa, arranging for accommodation and flights, advice on immunizations required and scheduling the procedure with the doctor and hospital of your choice. Upon arrival, our employee will be waiting to help you and your companion navigate your host country and assist with transfers to your selected healthcare provider. Now your medical treatment can begin. We’ll follow up with you as you recover and continue to provide support as needed during your stay.


Travelling to a new country can be challenging especially when one is unwell. We have partnered with reputable insurance companies for packages to cover the insurable risks of your travel, treatment and stay in your host country. This includes loss of luggage, cash, passport or documents for both the patient and the travel companion.


Once treatment has been completed and you are discharged, you may opt to take a tour of the host country for sightseeing if you are well enough and the doctor is satisfied with your progress. Simply being in a new and interesting culture will lift your spirits. You will get to visit historic and exotic places and also get to experience different cultural practices along the way. We are on hand to organise this tour for you


As soon as you get home, we’ll be there to meet you, but our support doesn’t end there. We also provide home based care for patients who wish to be taken care of at the comfort of their homes. This helps reduce hospital bills and provides you an opportunity to be around your family for moral support and personalized care.