Why going to the salon may be bad for your health

Whether you are working in a salon or a client looking to have your hair or nails done, a haircut, a massage or facial, there are certain health hazards that you are exposed to while in the salon. Handled improperly, these beauty rituals can spread infections and diseases.

Below are some instances where your health and safety could be compromised

1. Infections

Tools that come into contact with multiple clients such as combs, brushes, rollers, clippers and nail tools should be repeatedly cleaned and sterilized between use and be kept in a clean and dry condition when they are not required. If this does not happen you are at risk of contracting some of the infections below.

  1. The abrasive metal tools used in pedicures sometimes cause bleeding, and if they’re not sterilized between uses, can transfer blood-borne illness to other customers. One drop of blood invisible to the naked eye could be infected with hepatitis or HIV. You are also at risk of getting a nail fungal infection, athletes foot or wart
  2. While cutting your hair in a barber shop, anything that nicks or breaks your skin can put you at risk of contracting bacterial infections such as impetigo and folliculitis or fungal infections such as tinea capitis. When you think of tetanus, you probably think about stepping on a rusty nail. But the same can happen if you’re nicked with rusted barber tools.
  3. In addition to causing rashes and burns, wax treatments expose you to the risk of contracting STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea if the wooden spatula is reused. Depending on where people get waxed, they can develop bacterial infections on their face or even in their armpits.

2. Falls

Salon floors that are not kept clean, dry or clear (without wires from appliances or furniture blocking the way), increase your risk of tripping or falling and in the process hurting yourself or even being electrocuted.

3. Cancer

Many ladies love gel manicures because they are trendy, but they can be dangerous to your health. UV lights are used to seal the gel polish, increasing your risk of skin cancer.

Gel manicures can also cause nails to become brittle and your nails can start cracking and splitting apart.

4. Exposure to chemicals

Inhalation of chemicals or dust can lead to irritation, allergies, headaches, dizziness, sickness, occupational asthma etc.

Headache causing products include nail polish remover, nail polish, and fingernail glue. When relaxing your hair, you also stand the risk of getting chemical burns.

5. Posture

In a nail bar, many salon workers adopt a poor posture to carry out their job. They may lean over and rest their arms on the desk, which strains their back and applies harmful pressure to contact points on their arms. The same is also true for salon workers who have to bend for hours when braiding, washing or shampooing customers’ hair.

Over time, poor posture can lead to bad joints, sore muscles, and even chronic back pain.


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