7 Reasons why Kenyans are travelling for treatment in India

Each year, thousands of Kenyans  travel  to India in search of quality, specialized and affordable medical treatment.

This process referred to as  medical travel, medical tourism  or health tourism, is an increasingly popular medical treatment option for people across Kenya as well as other countries throughout the world.

Treatment sought by Kenyans in India include;

  • Kidney or liver transplants
  • Cancer treatment
  • Knee or hip replacement
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Dental surgery
  • Stem cell therapy,
  • Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery

Why Kenyans travel for treatment in India

1. No waiting time

Some patients prefer to travel for treatment in India to get out of pain or to halt a deteriorating condition rather than to suffer the anxiety and frustration of waiting for a far-future appointment and other medical uncertainties in Kenya.

2. High quality service


India offers some of the best medical treatment in the world. Its private hospitals have an excellent reputation and India’s health care sector has sustained an enormous boom in recent years.

The country is now a global health destination, with medical tourism growing by 30 per cent each year.

Private hospitals offer VIP waiting lounges, deluxe hospital suites, and staffed recuperation resorts, free transportation to and from airports, low-cost meal plans and accommodation for companions, and discounted hotels affiliated with the hospitals.

3. Excluded treatments

Although health insurance policies vary according to the underwriter and individual, certain plans may exclude a variety of treatments.

Excluded treatments may include  cosmetic surgeries,  reproductive/infertility procedures, certain non- emergency cardiovascular and orthopedic surgeries, weight loss programs, substance abuse rehabilitation, prosthetics, congenital disorders, chronic and pre-existing conditions etc.

If such services are expensive locally, the patient or their family may opt to seek treatment in India.

4. Latest technology

Lack of medical expertise or the facilities to handle various medical conditions necessitates medical tourism.

Hospitals in India have advanced technology, improved medical investigations, diagnosis and treatment of diseases which were once considered not treatable etc

5. Cost effective


The single biggest reason why Kenyans travel for treatment in India is the opportunity to save money.

Depending on the type of treatment, uninsured and under – insured patients, as well as those seeking elective care, can make considerable savings over the cost of treatment locally.

6. Travel opportunity

We all love to travel! Simply being in a new and interesting culture is a good distraction to for any patient.

International travel can be a life-changing experience as one gets to experience different cultural practices along the way.

7. Specialty treatments

Some procedures and prescriptions may not allowed or available in Kenya.  Such treatments e.g stem cell therapy, certain organ transplants are often offered abroad.


Are you or someone you know planning on travelling for medical treatment in India (or any other country overseas) for a chronic disease e.g. cancer, knee or hip replacement, liver or kidney transplant; wellness checkup or to improve your form, shape or appearance through cosmetic procedures or reconstructive surgery?

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