5 common kitchen accidents you should look out for

Every kitchen is full of potential accidents that are just waiting to happen.

No matter how careful you may think you are in the kitchen, there’s always a risk of injury as you prepare food for you or your family.

Below are a  list of kitchen accidents you are likely to encounter

1. Cuts

Knife cut

Knife injuries are the most common accidents in the kitchen.

When using a knife, always cut away from yourself or downwards on a chopping board to avoid cutting yourself. Another mistake that people make is leaving sharp objects, like kitchen shears, steak knives and metal skewers in the washing basins which ends up cutting the person washing the dishes.

Cleaning the inside of a blender whilst it is still switched on could lead to serious cuts and sometimes loss of one or more fingers. An unstable cutting board that wobbles or slides around could also cause you to cut yourself.

2. Scalds and Burns


Hot water or oil, naked flames, and hot pots are just some of the ways that you can be burned in the kitchen.

Cooking pot handles can become loose, causing them to become unstable and spill when lifted up. This is likely to cause serious scalding or burns.

Oven burns can also occur while taking items from the oven without putting on oven mittens.

3. Fires

Fire in kitchen

It is in the kitchen where heat, electricity, water, and grease come together, this presents a potential risk where the whole kitchen can sometimes go up in flames.

The most common type of kitchen fire is the grease fire. Many grease fires occur because someone leaves a frying pan on the stove unattended.  Grease fires can cause serious injury and extensive property damage.

A kitchen fire can also occur in case of a gas explosion or an electrical appliance malfunctioning.

4. Slips and falls


This is mostly caused by spillage of either food or liquids on the kitchen floor.

Falling in the kitchen is very risky as there are many sharp objects around, and hot food cooking in sufurias which could lead to serious scalding or burns. This could also lead to sprains or broken bones.

Slips and falls can also be caused by items left on the floor including children’s toys.

5. Injuries to the head


A common kitchen accident is a bang to the head from a cupboard door that has been left open.

When pressed for time you will most probably run about the kitchen opening doors and drawers looking for items. However, you may often turn quickly and, without realizing it, bang your head on an open door.

To avoid this from happening, it is good to get into the habit of closing cupboard doors and drawers once finished with them.


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