You will find germs in these 5 places!

Germs are found everywhere in all kinds of places and can cause diseases. The four major types of germs are bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.

The usual points of entry for common germs is through your eyes, nose, or mouth

Common places where germs hide

1.Taps in the toilet

As the first place we touch after we use the toilet, the tap is bound to be one of the likeliest places to harbour bacteria, especially in public toilets. Turning off the tap after washing your hands could even expose you to many of the germs you just attempted to wash away especially if the tap is not motion-activated.

2. Handles and railings

Immediately you are done using the toilet, you reach out for the toilet bowl flush handle. When you need to open a door, you have to turn the lock or knob. When getting into a matatu, you hold the railing at the door or the railing on the matatu’s head rests or roof for support.

Every single time you take one of these actions, and touch everything from a handle to a knob to a rail, you’re spreading or contracting dirt, dust, and bacteria.

3. Lift buttons

When going to the office or in a shopping mall, you are likely to use the lift to access the upper floors. You will most probably press on the button to have the lift doors open, close or select a floor number to alight at.

When you consider how many people touch them every day, it makes sense to think of these as a high-traffic zone for germs.

4. Electronic devices

Nowadays people are constantly on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops whether in their workplaces or at home.

Studies have shown that phones, remotes, the mouse on a computer, and keyboards can be some of the most germ-covered areas in an office especially if they are used by different people. This makes these devices a common place for dangerous bacteria build-up, like E. coli.

The same is also the case for the microwave or other electronics’ switches and buttons.

5. Bathroom

The bathroom is a great breeding ground for germs since surfaces such as the walls, floor or sinks are often wet, allowing germs to multiply.

High-use items like the hand towels, soap dispensers or bar soaps provided in public places like gyms or salons are at higher risk for germs since they are constantly used by different people for some time before being changed.


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