How dangerous fire is to your health

effects of fire

The effects of fire accidents on our health cannot be understated.

A fire accident can be caused by many hazards, such as a gas leak, a defective electrical product, a vehicle crash, poor workplace safety etc

Below are the effects of fire accidents on our health

1. Loss of life


A burning fire consumes oxygen from the air so as a fire continues to be active, more oxygen gets removed from the room which impedes breathing.

Most people who die in fires die from the toxic gases, thick black smoke, and lack of oxygen.

In a fire, breathing even small amounts of these toxic elements can disorient you, causing you to pass out and eventually die if not rescued in good time.

2. Burn injuries


When a burn occurs to the skin, nerve endings are damaged causing intense feelings of pain.

Burn injuries can affect muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels. Since burns injure the skin, they impair the body’s normal fluid/electrolyte balance, body temperature, body thermal regulation, joint function, manual dexterity, and physical appearance.

The type of burn and the severity of the burn depend on the number of layers of skin affected.

Inhaling super-heated combustion products can scorch and scar nasal passages and lung tissue.

This can lead to permanent and disabling lung problems. In addition, fire victims may also suffer emotional and psychological problems that begin at the fire scene and could last a long time.

3. Smoke Inhalation

smoke inhalation

Even a small amount of smoke inhaled can be dangerous, especially if they contain hazardous chemical properties.

Less oxygen to the brain creates a state of unconsciousness, but carbon monoxide, along with any other toxicity can do a great deal of damage to the lungs and throat.

Inhaling carbon monoxide reduces oxygen delivery to your organs and tissues and can lead to headaches, nausea, and dizziness or sometimes death.

4. Air pollution

smoke pollution

Forest or industrial fires spread air pollution not only nearby, but thousands of kilometers away.

This can cause breathing difficulties and threatening the lives of healthy individuals, young children, and the elderly as well as exacerbate asthma and other respiratory problems.

Smoke from such fires may consist of carbon particles, ash, volatile organic compounds, and a variety of toxic gases including hydrogen sulfide. Such particles when released into the air may pass through your lungs into the bloodstream.

These can damage your respiratory system permanently, congest or obstruct breathing, and cause seizures and comas.


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