5 types of hospital employees

Every time you visit a hospital, you will meet and interact with a variety of hospital staff who are essential to efficient operation and delivery of medical services. Hospitals contain many different departments each of which is run almost as a separate business or entity within the whole facility.

Below are some of the people who contribute to your care while you are in hospital

1. Doctors

Doctors assess and manage your medical treatment while in hospital.

They examine, diagnose and treat various types of diseases or injuries. There are many types of doctors including cardiologists, obstetricians, pediatricians, psychiatrists etc

Depending on which hospital you are in, you may also be treated by interns and student doctors who work under the supervision of the senior doctors.

2. Nurses

Nurses are the heart and soul of the hospital system as they spend most of their time with the patient.

They provide hands-on care to patients by administering medications, managing intravenous lines, observing and monitoring patients’ conditions, maintaining records and communicating with doctors.

3. Pharmacists

Hospital pharmacists are experts in the field of medicines, how they’re used and their effect on the human body.

They dispense medications to patients in accordance with doctor’s orders and provide information to patients about such medications and their use.


The work of therapists is aimed at helping patients recover from or cope with physical or mental ailments. Therapists work directly with people.

Some of the various types of therapists include;

  • Physical therapists – they work with patients who are recovering from surgery or accidents to regain physical strength. They prescribe exercises to help patients improve their strength, coordination, and motor control to avoid their body muscles from wasting away.
  • Occupational therapists – they work with people who are recovering from strokes, traumatic brain injuries etc.  They focus on improving the patient’s ability to perform basic life tasks necessary for independent living, such as getting dressed, brushing teeth, and dialing a phone.
  • Speech therapist – they work with adults or children with delayed development or who have lisps or other speech impediments.

5. Support staff (non- clinical staff)

Support staff vary from the receptionists who welcomes you to the hospital, catering staff who plan menus and order food supplies, maintenance staff who ensure lighting is adequate and patient rooms are cleaned to the  accounts staff who follow up on medical bills etc.

Non-clinical staff keep the hospital operating smoothly so that clinical staff can focus their full attention on patients.


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