5 things to consider before going for medical treatment abroad

Medical treatment abroad, or more familiarly known – medical travel, is a global and rapidly growing trend. Medical travel refers to the process of a person travelling to a country other than their own to obtain medical treatment.

Medical tourists are usually looking for specialized and affordable healthcare and other relevant benefits.

Whatever your reasons for travelling for medical treatment outside Kenya are, such a decision should not be taken lightly.

Things to consider before travelling for medical treatment abroad

1. Do your research

Before travelling for medical treatment abroad, make sure you choose a hospital that has a good reputation for your specific procedure, and one that is accredited – nationally or internationally.

Get all the Information you need about the medical procedure you will undergo. It’s important to get as much information as possible about your treatment options so that you can make informed choices. Ask about the expected outcomes and any risks, complications or side effects.

If possible, ask for references of patients who have been to that particular hospital and ask them to share their experiences.

2. Get a visa

Contact the embassy of the country you will be getting treated in to obtain the appropriate visa. Avoid getting a visitor’s visa that cannot be extended easily.

It’s important to note that applying for a visa can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s best to start the visa application process early.

3. Carry your medical reports

Check that all your medical records are arranged and properly documented for ease of retrieval. If applicable, carry CDs and diagnostic films from past medical procedures.

Prepare copies of all your prescriptions and a list of all the medicines you take, including their brand names, their generic names, manufacturers, and dosages.

4. Money

Consider how you will obtain cash at your destination. It is important for you to consider the most suitable payment options as well as the currency exchange rates, especially since you will be dealing with foreign currency.

Check if your host country has any restrictions on the amount of cash a foreigner can carry. It is advisable to carry a pre-paid card or even a credit card, which is universally acceptable.

Advise your bank of your travel plans and keep access to more than one way of accessing money overseas, in case you lose a card or a card fails to work.

It is also advisable to carry extra money, over and above of your projected treatment expenditure, as doing so will help you face emergencies or unforeseen cash shortages.

5.  Get a one-point contact at the destination


Who will pick you up from the airport? Is transport easy to come by? Will there be a language barrier? Do you require specific vaccinations before entry? Where will you be staying while not in hospital? How will you find your way around in a foreign country?

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